Thursday, November 24, 2005

DIY dynamite

Even if I do say so myself, Nick and I make a great decorating team. We call ourselves QBS - Quick but Shoddy. Boy are we quick. Sometimes we're shoddy but only when it's midnight and we are on the 4th room of the evening.

In the past Chris has accused us of using nefarious methods to increase our speed but I would officially like to state: we do not use any performance enhancing drugs to boost our decorating prowess. We decorate only in our natural state. We believe in decorating on a level playing field and would welcome random drugs test at any point to prove our innocence. We would also like to state to any young aspiring decorators: Drugs are not a healthy or cool option. In the competitive world of decorating we realise the temptations are great.

Say NO to drugs and YES to Dulux. Say NO to steroids and Yes to dust sheets. Say NO to testosterone and YES to those little rollers on poles that mean you can paint behind radiators without getting paint on your elbows. Hip hip Hurray!


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