Thursday, November 17, 2005

Money can't buy you taste

Today I have been sharply reminded of the fact that, even if you have all the money in the world to spend renovating your house, it doesn't mean the things you buy are any more stylish than someone who has to be more frugal.

The comparison came when I realised that my rich client has spent almost exactly 1000 times more on her house renovations as I have on mine. Yes - 3 noughts on the end more than me.

Is her house 1000 times nicer? No. Granted, it's about 10 times bigger, and the outside is better looking, but inside my house is winning hands down. She has the most horrendous choice in paint colours, awful art on the walls, tacky sanitary ware and dreadful furniture. I had to bite my tongue when she proudly showed me a mongolian wine tasting table costing £3000 that looked like it was rescued from a house fire.

When I walked in today I thought there was a leak in the roof and the walls had gone all patchy and damp, but no, it's the design on the wallpaper! Absolutely hideous.


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