Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Sorry for not posting for a while but I have been having a hellish time at work. It seems as though everything is going wrong, just to make sure that I really appreciate the upcoming holiday.

Firstly my client is on the war path. She has complained about me, sacked the interior designer, and would sack the builders were it not for the fact she needs them to finish the job. Secondly a colleague with a small amount of knowledge of Computer Aided Design has been meddling in my carefully set-up drawings and has totally buggered them beyond retrieval.

(For CAD users: she has ruined my x-ref structure by binding then exploding them all, exploded all the blocks and hatches, deleted text that wasn't to the scale she was currently working in, changed all the text to single line Mtext (why?), drawn a load of new stuff in weird random layers and ignored the saved UCS's resulting in no parallel lines anywhere - total carnage.)

Nick will tell me off for writing this in the public domain but frankly I don't care. The way my work was treated was disrespectful in the extreme. Half an hour of fiddling so a few toilets could be moved around was not worth the 10s of hours it will take me to put the drawing back together again.

Rant over.


Anonymous Jane said...

Oh no. As a fellow CAD user I can appreciate the scale of carnage. Why the bloody hell did she bind and explode all the x-refs? Surely if you know how to do that you can follow the x-ref path and do the changes in the original drawing. I am grrring for you too!

2:35 PM  
Blogger rach said...

well this is the thing - she didn't know how to bind them so she asked another colleague to "make these damn things editable". So he bound them, then she exploded all the blocks.

I asked for a meeting with her and the other boss (yes it's my boss that did this) and ALL yesterday she avoided me. When she couldn't avoid me she actually ignored me!

An addmission of guilt me thinks?

At my last pay review they said they couldn't give me a pay rise because they couldn't afford it. They said they knew they were inefficient but didn't know why. I'm no business expert but I could give them a list of reasons as long as my arm, it's so obvious.

9:27 AM  

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