Thursday, December 01, 2005

Drinking clay is good for you

I was at a site meeting today and, knowing I had been under the weather, my client suggested a guaranteed general pick-me-up.

She made me drink powdered green clay mixed with water. It didn't really taste of much but had the strangest texture. It was milky and really silky but once I had swallowed the liquid I was left with a mouthful of gritty bits. Very odd indeed. Apparently it will balance my digestive system and neutralise excess acids and alkalines and soak up impurities from my body. I am still waiting to feel better.

It can't have helped my brain function much because half an hour later I reversed out of her drive and into a skip, smashing the light and denting the corner of the car. I took it to the garage and it will cost £400 to repair. That is an irritating figure - too much to pay without an insurance claim, yet too little be worth loosing 5 years no-claims-bonus over. I am annoyed.


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