Thursday, December 15, 2005

Worlds worst labourer

Last night Nick tried to get me to help rewire the phones through to the extension. After a demanding day at work my brain was shot. He would have received more help if he had enlisted next door's cat.

Nick: pass me the pliers...
Me: where are they? I can't see them.
Nick: they are in the tool box right in front of you.
Me: Where?
Nick: Right in front of you (points with his nose cos his hands are full of stuff)
Me: what colour are they?
Nick: look! For gods sake! They are bright red and they are on the top!
Me: Oh yes. (Pick up pliers, try to walk backwards in slippers. slippers fall off. trip on slippers)
Nick: thanks - now can I have some electrician's tape please
Me: where is it?
Nick: In the tool box right in front of you.

etc etc etc


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