Monday, January 23, 2006

The good life

Nick and I have been doing our best Felicity Kendal and Richard Bryers impression this weekend. We have been creating our vegetable plot.

This was not as easy as I'd first imagined. First we cleared away all the weeds and sorry looking plants. The we began to double dig the new beds - backbreaking and sweat inducing, but much cheaper than the gym!

Unfortunately we discovered:

1) The earth is 50% soil and 50% builders rubble.
2) There is a man-hole right in the middle of the proposed carrot and parsnip bed.
3) The mains electricity cable runs 6 inches below the surface down the middle of the potato patch.

We haven't even started on the onion, bean or strawberry patch yet, so god knows what else we'll find! Even so it was good, honest, satisfying toil and I feel very good for it.


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