Wednesday, January 25, 2006


It's a well known fact that in the eyes of a man, his wife's cooking will never quite live up to the high standard of his mothers cooking.

I experience this regularly. My husband tells me all the time that his Mum's lasagne is the best in the world, his mums scrambled eggs are the best, his mum's macaroni cheese etc etc. He doesn't mean to imply by this that my lasagne is not very nice; (at least I hope so) he means it as a complement to his Mum rather than a slur on me.

So imagine my delight when last night, after I made a batch of lovely buttery shortbread Nick announced: 'Oh My God, this is the best shortbread I have EVER tasted'. I think I may have made a break through.

Just need to improve my lasagne now...


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