Friday, January 20, 2006

New taste sensation

Nick: What are those green slimy things?
Me: Artichokes.
Nick: gross
Me: They're lovely. I thought we could mix them in with our pasta for a change.
Nick: No way. I don't like them.
Me: Have you ever tried them?
Nick: (pause)...No.
Me: well stop being so closed minded and try a bit.
Nick: (sulkily) I won't like them.
Me: Just try one, then you can decide!
Nick: (slowly putting a tiny bit of artichoke up to his mouth while pulling a disgusted face) okaaaaay...... (tatses artichoke) oooooh! these are nice!
Me: oh for god's sake...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate raw peppers... well i thought i did until a recent dinner party where my friend said "dont you like peppers?" I said "not raw" she said try them they're lovely and sweet. I lied and said "i've tried them many times, i dont like them." When making fajitas the following evening on my own I tried one -mmmm she was right they are delicious.

1:16 PM  

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