Friday, January 06, 2006

New TV

We got a new TV last night. I did muster some enthusiasm; it's a nice shiny set with lots of pretty buttons and stuff, and I am well aware that if I wasn't married to Nick I would still be watching the 14 inch portable telly I bought 9 years ago.

Because of Nick and his penchant for gadgets I am one of the most tooled-up girls I know. My latest acquisitions are a palm pilot and a portable DAB radio.

I am desperately attempting to become an efficient palm pilot user. Don't get me wrong - I can work the thing, but I have difficulty keeping it fully charged so when I need to access the phone number of the dentist I don't have to use the back up system. (my old fashioned address book)

The other hurdle is that I have never been a great diary user. Up until now I have kept all dates in my head. This worked fine when I didn't have many appointments, and most of my friends know that the pitiful lack of birthday cards is not because I don't love them, but because I am totally hopeless. As I see it I have 3 main problems:

Problem 1: remembering to input the appointment into the palm pilot.
Problem 2: remembering to look at the Palm in advance, assuming the information has been entered.
Problem 3: Hoping there is enough battery when I do remember to look.

Luckily I have no problems at all when it come to the DAB radio. I could give up work and become a full time radio listener any day. I wonder if such a job exists? I'll ask Nick, he'll know...


Blogger Chris said...

Actually, funnily enough such a job does exist - BBC Monitoring hire people to listen to foreign radio all day to pick up stories. Or watch foreign telly and stuff.

12:16 PM  
Blogger Christian Briddon said...

...but how big is the new TV? Is it CRT, Plasma or LCD?

We need to know these details!!!

10:10 AM  
Blogger rach said...

Oh I don't know!!!!

It's a 26 inch LCD, Sharp, and thats all I know. Nick is very happy with it - kept waffling on about 'connectivity' or something manly like that

8:12 PM  

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