Monday, February 06, 2006

15 seconds of fame

Nick and I were mentioned on Radio Cumbria on Friday Night. Oh the glamour, as they say.

We were batting down the M6 on the way to Bolton and channel hopping to try and find some cheesy sing-a-long music. We hit apon Radio Cumbria, which was churning out some great 80's classics as well as some little competitions. Nick was positive he knew the answer to one of the competitions. We texted in the answer:

Living in a box, by Living in a box, x from Rach and Nick

The DJ announced: 'Thanks for your text, Rack and Nick.' What Weirdo pronounces Rach 'Rack'??? I texted back:

it's Rach as in Rachel, not Rack as in lamb.

He read that out too, much to our amusement. He can't have had many listeners that night.

Unfortunately we never knew if 'living in a box' was the right answer because we arrived at out Travelodge before he revealed it. It will forever remain a mystery...


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