Monday, March 06, 2006

Another one bites the dust

To those of you have been following the tale of the rich obnoxious client of mine, I thought I would update you.

To date, 3 members of the professional team employed to build her house have fallen foul of this awful woman. They have either been sacked or left early because of her behavior towards them - I fall in the latter category.

I would seem that she has now asked that my replacement is replaced with someone else! She thought that the new Architect would be her puppet on a string. Unfortunately for her, the new puppet didn't dance to her tune, or take any of her crap, so he's out on his ear too. Our practice is running out of staff she hasn't either pissed off, insulted or sacked.

I wonder - can she not see the recurring element here? Can she not understand that maybe it's not us - IT'S HER!!!!!!!!!


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