Monday, March 20, 2006

It's a very bizarre fact that the same food can taste totally different if it is eaten or prepared differently.

For example I just ate a chocolate digestive. (just to maintain my cleavage you understand - see previous post) By accident I put it in my mouth upside down -that is, with the chocolate on the bottom. It just didn't taste right. I flipped it and bingo, the biscuit I know and love was back.

The same strange thing happens with sandwiches. Cut the bread in half to make two rectangles and it's a normal sandwich. Cut it diagonally and it's delicious, succulent and, miraculously, has less crust! Cut it diagonally again and you're in some kind of sandwich utopia. Even the most basic ham sarnie is amazing cut diagonally into quarters.

And cheese! Sliced it's one animal, grated, and it's a whole new beast.

I think this subject needs more investigation so I'm off to find the chocolate digestives...


Blogger Chris said...

Fun size Milky Ways taste better than normal size. What's that all about?

9:38 AM  
Blogger treespotter said...

almost OOT, but there's a restaurant here called the "Good Cow Steak"

strange... so u think they been doing all nasty cows in the other restaurants?

2:26 PM  

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