Thursday, March 30, 2006

Vegetable progress 2

Vegetable progress: minus 1

Our struggling seeds have suffered 2 set-backs.
1) Since sowing the rain has poured down, making the soil around the poor buggers like cold, partially set cement. If they germinate I will be amazed.
2) A local cat (little ginger bastard...) has taken a fancy to our lovely raked soil and now uses it as an enormous virgin litter tray. Our lettuce seeds were dug up, then shat on. We have removed the poo and fortified the beds with chicken wire. (Obviously this is the royal 'We'. Nick removed the poo. I stood and grimaced, throwing in the odd word of encouragement and marveling at the peculiar colour of it)

All this is taking place in our front garden. The neighbours must think we are absolutely barking mad.


Blogger OboeJane said...

NOW do you believe me???????
Cats are the DEVIL'S WORK

7:38 AM  

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