Wednesday, April 12, 2006

ebay update

Well, my ebay experiment is having mixed success.

On the negative side I am not selling that many cards to people I don't know. (So far my top customer is Jane.) I suspect this is for a number of reasons.

1) If you need a greetings card you probably want it immediately, you don't want to have to wait around for it to be posted to you next week.
2) You probably want to be able to see what you're buying, and it's hard to see what's what on a computer screen.
3) Ebay isn't where I would go if I wanted a nice card, so why should anyone else?

On the plus side I have made 2 interesting contacts with people who have gift shops and want to buy wholesale. One of these is in Scotland and one is in the USA so I have spent all day haggling over the price of shipping bulk orders over to Kansas City.

To be honest it's all a bit surreal and I feel like I'm playing at shop keepers or something. Anyway, this guy says he wants to distribute my cards around Kansas City because you can't get anything like them in the US. I was a bit dubious at first and wondered if he was a scammer, but he is paying me up front for 6 samples so I'm not losing anything so far. I will keep you informed of my wheeling and dealing exploits...


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