Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Vegetable Progress 3

At last, something to report! Definite SPROUTAGE!

We had Tim, Phil and Jane staying for the weekend. (and a good time was had by all) On Saturday morning we all went out to inspect the vegetable beds. Nothing. Not one sprout. Disappointed, we left for a days shopping in Glasgow.

Now this is the weird thing. On our return 5 hours later Nick went to have another look - and would you believe it?! 2 whole rows of lettuces were poking up their tiny leaves! It's as if they were putting on a special show for out guests. The next morning, more sproutage! 2 rows of radishes are now jauntily peeping up above the soil. Now they must run the gauntlet of late frosts and marauding slugs - come on my beauties, you can do it...

This might sound sad in this age of technological miracles, but looking out at my brave little seedlings gives me so much pleasure and fills me with amazement at the wonders of nature.


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