Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Patchwork mania

I am fully aware that I have a slightly batty streak. It comes as part of the 'undiscovered genius' package I was dealt at birth. Let me explain.

I am currently addicted to constructing a full size patchwork quilt. One week on from going into the patchwork shop on a whim, I am now the proud owner of all the necessary tools, and have been clocking up approximately 6 hours a day bent over my sewing machine like a crazed lunatic, cutting up little squares of fabric and then sewing them back together in a different order.

The women in the patchwork shop find me hilarious, as does my husband. I have been in the shop 5 times this week buying more and more stuff I need to complete my huge project. Give me another 2 weeks and, not only will I have finished my quilt, but I will be an expert on the history of patchwork, have experimented with new techniques, and possess every bit of quilting paraphanalia known to man.

Then comes the crunch. I will be an expert. I will have mastered the art. Suddenly the challenge will become diminished and I will tire of staying up til 2 in the morning cutting up little squares of fabric and sewing them back together in a different order. I will discover a new craft. I will research the techniques and give it a go. I will buy the equipment. I will become an expert.

In the mean time, leave me to my quilting - I am perfectly content.


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