Monday, May 01, 2006

Tips on achieving a healthy work/life balance

I am incredibly fortunate. I now work a 4 day week, and, after my first 3 day weekend of many, I can confirm is totally fantastic.

It just seems the ideal balance of time off/time on the office. I like my job, but I also treasure the time to do stuff of my own, and I finally feel as though I am getting the best of both worlds.

My 2 tips for achieving this nirvana are simple: Move to a better paid job, and decrease traveling expenses. I did both of these things and so despite only working 4 days instead of 5 I have only taken a £40 a month pay-cut. nifty eh? That Friday off is easily worth a tenner to me!


Blogger OboeJane said...

Erm... do you not have may day bank holiday up there? It's a four day week for everyone this week.

(apart from me, of course, as the paymasters are cracking the whip AGAIN)

9:25 AM  
Blogger OboeJane said...

I'm going now. Your sums are making me sad.

9:27 AM  
Blogger rach said...

No bank holiday for me. My new company organise it so that we can choose when to take the days off, which is far more flexible. The only day the office is closed is Christmas day.

So instead of 20 days + 9 bank holidays I get 28 days and 1 bank holiday, if you see what I mean.

(As an aside, Scotland do have different bank holidays from England, and Edinburgh has different ones to Glasgow, which makes it very confusing.)

2:00 PM  

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