Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Evening classes

I am feeling at a slight loss because my printmaking/etching evening classes at the Edinburgh college of Art finished last night for the summer.

I love having arty projects on the go and my classes really make me continue to think, and draw in my sketch book. I must try to carry on over the next few months.

I would recommend an art or design based evening class to anyone, even if you feel you are not particularly talented in that area. Many people who go are not great artists, but it's brilliant to be doing something so different from your ordinary life for a couple of hours. I get so absorbed that my tiredness is lifted and my problems are put to the back of my mind. Quite often I don't feel like going after a long day at work, but 10 mins after arriving I'm having a great time and glad I made the effort.

The ECA offer a massive selection of evening courses from normal painting and drawing, to silversmithing (I did that last year), metal sculpture, book binding, photography, animation, fabric design and sculpture, ceramics, oooh and loads more weird and wonderful stuff. This year I took Japanese woodblock printing and etching.

The courses are quite expensive at the ECA. They work out at about £15 for a 2.5 hour class, but the facilities and teaching are great, and being surrounded by the full-time student's work is very inspiring.

Having done a fairly arduous degree myself, the thought of fiddling about arranging light bulbs in cardboard boxes for 3 years is very appealing. Maybe I'll give up work and go and do an art degree. Now wouldn't that be nice....


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