Wednesday, June 14, 2006

not fooled for a moment

Wow - there is really bad transvestite standing at the bus stop outside my office window.

He is wearing white sandals, black tights, a white lacy halter neck dress with a black bra showing badly at the back. He had terrible black straggly hair, enormous hands and very obvious 5 o'clock shadow. Poor man/woman.

I heard an awful story from my Mum a year or so ago. One of her friends was shocked to the very core when her 19 year old son came home as a girl. I don't mean dressed as a girl, I mean actually a girl.

He had been to see a doctor in London. In this country they make you wait a year before the sex change operation. During that year you must live as a woman and have counselling to ensure that you are positive that it is the right decision, and to acclimatise to the new role.

This 19 year old lad decided not to wait, went to Thailand and had his bits chopped off that very month. Far be it for me to criticise his decision to become a woman, if that’s what he feels, but I do have to question his judgment in the rather speedy acquisition of the female form.


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