Monday, June 19, 2006

Trouser saga

Due to a minor shoe disaster this morning, I was forced to go work wearing a pair of trousers that are slightly too short for the high heeled boots I had to wear. (these particular trousers are strictly flat-shoes-only-trousers.)

As a result my trousers were, as we used to say at school 'half mast'. We also used to say to anyone who had out grown their trousers, rather unkindly in retrospect, 'has your cat died?' (you know, flying the flag at half mast, etc etc.)

This reminded me of a particular cringe-worthy conversation I had once with a colleague when I worked in Sheffield.

Me: (skipping into the office in a mischievous mood and spying colleague with half-mast trousers) Oh look! Has you cat died!!!! ha ha ha !!!
Colleague: (looking at me with pained eyes)Yes, last night. She was run over. How did you know?
Me: gulp


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