Monday, July 31, 2006

One of those days

This weekend we went to my Cousin Patrick's wedding in Belfast. A jolly nice affair it was too, marred only by the catalogue of disasters that befell us constantly. Here goes...

We arrived at Edinburgh airport to find all the baggage conveyor belts broken in the check-in hall. Everyone's luggage was added to an ENORMOUS heap in the middle of the hall. It didn't make any difference if you were going to Belfast, Majorca or timbucktoo, all suitcases were thrown on to the heap.

We looked uneasily at the heap, dubious of the system the airport staff seemed to be employing but, trusting individuals we are, we added our own bag and went off to board the plane.

We were late setting off. The Captain announced this was because they were looking for 7 bags in the luggage pile. In the end we set off an hour late, sans bags.

At Belfast airport just 2 lonely bags were unloaded. 7 despondent groups of passengers stood hopefully gazing at the carousel, but it was not to be. We had a wedding to go to in 3 hours, and had no suitcase.

We collected our hire car and drove to the town where the wedding was to be. Ever the optimists we checked into the hotel and immediately went off shopping to find new clothes to wear. This was essential. Nick was wearing jeans and casual shirt, and I was wearing a T-shirt and faintly grubby trousers with flip flops.

Bangor, NI, is not a good place to go clothes shopping. The best place we found for decent clothes was Asda for Gods sake. Nick bought a shirt and trousers for £16. I bought a pashmina and necklace. Wee hoped our creative/media professions would explain away our slightly crumpled casual attire.

Unfortunately on the way back to the Hotel the heavens opening and we got drenched. I had no hairbrush, no hair dryer, no spare clothes, no make-up. A bus splashed my legs with black mud as we waited to cross the road. My over-long trousers soaked up the water on the pavements and were drenched up to mid shin height.

We went to the wedding looking awful but smiling enthusiastically. Nick may have been the only man with out a tie and jacket, but he had the biggest 'life is a bit shit but I'm still smiling' grin you've ever seen.

At the reception we were walking on the lawn. Nick said 'don't fall over Rach, you've got no other clothes to wear tomorrow.' Naturally I fell over 10 mins later and got a muddy arse. To compensate we dancedvigorouslyy at the disco with my 10 year old cousin.

That night I washed my t-shirt and pants in the sink ready for the next morning. They were still a bit damp and creased when I put them on but smelling nice at least. We collected our suitcase from the airport on the way home.

Great wedding though.


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