Thursday, August 31, 2006

60 things I love

On the advice of Natalie I have written a list of 60 things I love. (She does 100 but quite frankly I have neither the time or inclination to think of any more things to bore you with.) They are in no particular order - I just wrote what came to mind:

1) Nick

2) Maggie (that's my cat)

3) My Family

4) Omelet, Scramble and Margo. (new entries in the top 100)

5) Going downstairs in the middle of the night and drinking a glass of milk by the light of the fridge.

6) Cocktail nights with Jane.

7) Long afternoon naps at the weekends.

8) Pretending I despise gossip magazines but sneaking a peek whilst in the spar shop.

9) Looking at my bathroom just after I've cleaned it.

10) MSN messaging with Roz during work.

11) Ruined Castles.

12) Imagining I'm a princess living in the olden days in afore-mentioned castle.

13) Being in New York.

14) When inspiration strikes.

15) The smell of Nick's breath when it comes out his nose. (that's a bit weird I know)

16) My cashmere lined leather gloves from Florence.

17)Putting squirty cream on top of hot chocolate myself. I only fill the mug half full so that more cream can fit in. I sometimes go back for a cream top-up too. It's disgusting I know...

18) The fact that I still have friends, even though I always forget their birthdays.

19) Pulling up a carrot, washing it and eating it immediately.

20) Baileys Ice cream

21) Taking my trousers off when I get home.

22) Scuba diving with Nick as my buddy.

23) REALLY stong wind that makes it hard to breathe. (not farting type wind, weather type wind you wallies)

24) Flying a kite

25) Knee high boots

26) The English Patient - God I cried and cried.

27) Having my feet stroked.

28) Indestructible house plants

29) Family reunions.

30) Sine Nomine weekends away. (that's my choir)

31) Belly laughing

32) Cream buns on someone's birthday

33) Radio 4

34) When people ask my professional advice, I give it, and they take it. It still amazes me, that.

35) Browsing through the Evening Class brochure for the Edinburgh College of art. So many possibilities!

36) Reading your comments on this blog - leave more, I love them!

37) Victoria Wood

38) My wedding photos

39) Fresh sheets on the bed

40) Shrieking. I'm good at that.

41) Granny's shepherds pie

42) Being in bed when it's pouring with rain.

43) Having a cold head out of the duvet, but a warm body under it. That's not meant to sound rude.

44) Topiary

45) tweezers. Couldn't be without them.

46) The sounds of echoing whispers in Lincoln Cathedreal. Quite distinct to other cathedrals oddly enough.

47) Garden in the Hills, by Elizabeth West. I've read it 100 times. The pages are falling out.

48) Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow by Peter Hoeg. Wonderful book. (I've leant it to someone and I've forgotten who. Can I have it back please?)

49) The little hollow bit in Nick's collar bone. My head fits there perfectly for a cuddle.

50) 2 hour phone conversations with Janie when we haven't spoken for a few months. It's like the gap never existed.

51) Memories of my Grandmother.

52) when some says 'ooh I like your necklace' and I say 'thanks, I made it myself' and they look suitable impressed.

53) The long silence that happens when my choirs finishes a quiet song and no-one in the audience dares to clap in case they break the magic.

54) Eleanor's hilarious accents

55) Washing my hair when it really needs it - ooh it feels good

56) Buying a new lip gloss - my only cosmetic indulgence

57) Stationary shops, especially the posh Swedish design one in Guildford.

58) When a tape measure winds itself back up perfectly without whipping back on your fingers.

59) Friends and family visiting for the weekend.

60) Friends and family going home at the end of a weekend and it's just me and Nick again. (You know what they say about guests and fish: both stink after 3 days!)


Blogger Natalie said...

I love your 60 favourite things Rachel, they're great. It was really good to hear more about you too like the fact that you're in a choir ( i can't sing to save my life) and that you love the English Patient (i love that movie too). And shame on you, peeking at gossip magazines.... You have to let the urge out you know, or it just gets stronger! I'll have to take a look at Garden in the Hills as well. By the way, i have now linked you. Sorry it took so long, my computer really is a nightmare.

11:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eleanor here again. Must get a real account. Anyway just a whinge: I come after the cat and my accents are at no. 54??! Clearly there is no real appreciation of true culture left in the world.

2:49 PM  
Blogger rach said...

you don't need a acount to leave comments - just click on the 'other' button and you can leave your name without signing up and logging in.

I clearly stated at the begining that my list was in no particular order.

I KNEW this would happen. Is Jane E miffed about being below Roz, who's below cocktail nights with jane R? In saying I love time with my friends have I ended up loosing them?

Have I caused love list mayhem?

5:04 PM  
Blogger OboeJane said...

Hey, I don't care where I sit on the list - just flattered to be on there. It must nearly be time for another of those 2 hour conversations, anyway. Particularly since you've missed my birthday (30!!!!)

Anyway, on another note:
I really like the noise that the wind section of an orchestra makes as it inhales prior to the start of a piece. It must be the same for a choir. Listen for it.

12:18 PM  

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