Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Conspiracy theory

I went to get my lunch at Tesco today and was browsing along the 'lunch shelf'. You know; sarnies, tubs of pasta salads, sushi, mini cartons of juice etc etc. These days the calories and fat are displayed clearly in the front label and I couldn't help but notice that all the pre-packaged food was high in calories and really high in fat.

I decided against buying any of them on the grounds of my expanding waistline and moved down the aisle to see what healthier alternative I could find. About 5 metres along there was another display of pasta salads, in amongst the normal salady type stuff. I checked these labels and virtually all of them were half the calories, half the fat and half the price of the ones displayed in the 'lunch' section. No mini plastic fork wedged in the lid though.

It brings home yet again how susceptible we humans are to the power of marketing, product placement and consumerism in general. It makes me feel a bit ashamed.


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