Monday, August 14, 2006

Cosmetic review

I don't often feel compelled to do cosmetic reviews - I'm not a very girly girl - I don't wear much makeup or lather my self in expensive creams, unlike some people I could mention...

However I recently panic-bought some 'Pretty Quik' nail varnish remover when I was away. I realised I was looking like a 14 year old teenager with horrible chipped nails so nipped into Superdrug to remedy the situation.

The thing is, this nail varnish remover is in a pot with a sponge. You put your finger in the pot and into a hole in the sponge. You then twist you finger about a bit in the sponge, and when you pull it out it's all nice and clean. Perfect! (although it did leave me with the slight feeling that I'd committed a weird perverted act.)

Nick suggested there could be little bristles in the bottom of the pot for cleaning under your nails, but I poo-pooed this suggestion. I get the junk out with my teeth. Much more satisfying.


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