Sunday, August 27, 2006

Edinburgh Fringe

One of the many reasons we moved to this part of the world was the Edinburgh Festival. The last 2 years we saw loads of shows, sometimes 4 a day.

This year, because Nick has been down south a lot with his Father, we virtually missed the entire thing - until last night. It was the penultimate day of the fringe so we met up with Roz and caught a play followed by a comedian.

The play was, I'm told, very brilliant, but it was far too intellectual me the likes of me. It charted the life of a poet called Holub who's freedom of speech was repressed during the war. I found the words soon washing over me in a glorious mish mash, prodding me every now and then with the guilt stick and saying 'hey you, you're supposed to be educated, concentrate.'

After the play we went down to the Pleasance Courtyard for a beer and a lowest common denominator stand-up show. Just what we needed.

It was great to see Roz. Here's a snap taken just after she lost her ticket to the play. They still let her in though.

This is not the best photo of Roz. She'll hate me for posting it, but it ewas the only one I took. She is actually very pretty and has eyes.


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