Tuesday, August 29, 2006

More chicken pictures

Apparently chickens like a strict routine, so this is the one we are trying to instill into our 3 girls.

7.15am - Nick lets girls out of hen house into the run for breakfast. Gives them fresh water and 'grower's pellets' (They'll move onto 'layer's pellets' in a month) They can then free range in the garden until...

8.20am - I bribe them with mixed grain to get them back in the run before I go to work.

5.30pm - I arrive home from work, let them back out into the garden, and give girls their afternoon treat of corn and maize (an egg cup full for each bird). We are currently obsessed with watching the hens; it's like having your own pantomime going on in your back garden, so we are spending all evening sitting on the patio, drinking tea and watching the antics.

7.00pm - cook tea (for humans) and give chickens any veg peelings, and left over pasta, rice etc)

8.00 - by now the chickens have put themselves to roost in the hen house, so we just have to shut the pop hole to guard against foxes, and that's it for the day!

Margo looking a bit scary
Scramble looking petrified


Blogger Christian Briddon said...

AAahhh, your chickens are cute. :-)

6:13 AM  

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