Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Yesterday's Site Meeting

Builder: (gesturing) Does that back wall go straight across there?
Me: No, if you look on the drawing you'll see it steps back in the middle.
Builder: OK...Are we having suspended tiled ceilings or plasterboard ceilings.
Me: It says on the drawing. We are having plasterboard.
Builder: Oh. I thought we were having tiled. I've fitted tiles upstairs.
Me: Well no. I want plasterboard please, like it says on the original drawing.
Builder: (After quick phone call to supplier of ceiling things) right. How does the main signage fix to the ceiling.
Me: It says on the drawing! The very same drawing I issued to you 4 weeks ago and you signed. Do you ever read the information I give to you?
Builder: Of course not. Only when things go wrong. You should know that by now.
Me: Yeah? well next time I'm going to come on site wearing a blindfold and stand here asking you daft questions all morning.
Builder: very funny.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

rach, have you changed your email address? i see you are blogging but i'v emailed both you and nick and have had no response.... i'm still at fastmail. eleanor

11:59 AM  

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