Monday, September 04, 2006

Chicken troubles update


Just after typing the previous post I received the following email from Dave, our chicken friend. (Friend who keeps chickens, not a chicken who is a friend you understand.)

Just a wee update on the poorly chook: I gave her small sips of water with honey and a tad of sugar in until darkness fell last night. She didn't really take any herself, just what I could get down her neck. She was still lifeless at 8pm last night.

Today went out just after 8am expecting the worst.

The little Bugger was standing in the box looking at me as if to say 'where is my grub?' ..... Dashed back to the house to get my camera to take a pic as proof: SHE'S ALIVE AND KICKING.

Left her to rest all day. By 3pm she was sitting on the top of the box so I opened the pen door, she hopped down and has been happy as Larry since

Good old scramble 1. I am so relieved, but feel a bit guilty about liking Scramble 2 a bit more.

All this fuss over a chicken eh? Just ate one of her cousins for tea.


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