Monday, September 04, 2006


I probably shouldn't be admitting this, but what the hell.

We seem to have an infestation of some biting critters in our office.

We are all bitten to buggery, mainly on our legs and bums, which seems to suggest they are living in the carpets and chairs. Yuck. Jenny has been hoovering like a maniac and applying stinky flea stuff.

No-one is accepting responsibility. I'm sure it can't be me because Nick doesn't have any bites, nor do we have any dogs or cats, but I have surreptitiously treated my hens just in case. he hem. Little darlings.


Blogger Tracy said...

Fleas can be brought into the office by anybody - in trouser turn ups or in handbags etc. the offending "bringer" doesn't need to own a cat or dog (by the way there is only one type of flea - not a cat flea or a dog flea ...just a flea) they may have picked them up from the neighbours house!!! Itchy, horrid, annoying - but not life threatening...your carpets at work may need to be professionally treated, and all soft come I am the fount of all flea knowledge? I did two years as a "Pest Control Surveyor" for Rentokil!!!! Red overalls and everything!!! Good luck!!!

9:28 PM  

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