Sunday, September 03, 2006

Finished (At last)

I have finally finished my first patchwork quilt.

It took me bloody ages.

I pieced together the top using a sewing machine, but all the rest was done by hand, including the miles and miles of hand quilting. I must have spent at least 200 hours on this quilt. Here's a detail of the corner:

It was supposed to be a small lap quilt to have on the sofa but it kept on growing and growing as I added more borders. It's now 2m x 1.4m and is big enough for both of us to fit under, which is a good job considering the film Nick made me watch last night.

It was 'The Decent', a proper horror monster movie about group of young ladies (Nick would say 'totty') who go caving in an unmapped cavern system without telling anyone where they've gone, get lost, then trapped in, run out of torch batteries, then get eaten by cave dwelling monsters who hunt by sound.

It was horrible and I hated it, but it was brilliant, if you know what I mean. Most horror films are just a bit silly, but this was actually truly scary and I did scream twice, which never normally happens.

eeugh, I feel funny just thinking about it. (Shudder)


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