Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Mass Murder

Fingers crossed but the hoovering and spraying seems to have killed off the biting critters that were lunching on our blood last week. No bites yesterday or this morning. My Boss was the worst affected last week, with his buttocks proving to be very popular with the flea dining fraternity.

It must be a strange and exotic life being a flea.


Blogger Tracy said...

You are not alone ...our Kitten Fifi has brought fleas into the house and they have been dining on my legs.....I'm bitten to death. Yesterday we bought "Frontline" and some kind of poisonous carginogenic flea spray for the carpets. For some reason they have only bitten me!!! After administering the Frontline to the cat, the fleas all started to jump ship and leave her little body...uuuugh. If it's not flea free at our house by Monday, I'm phoning Rentokil!!!

5:44 AM  

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