Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New friend.

Scramble2: (coming to stand on kitchen doorstep) Hello.
Me: hello! What are you doing here?
Scramble2: Just come to see what's going on.
Me: Oh, not alot. Do you want some corn? (holding out corn in palm)
Scramble2: Oh no thanks. I just want to stand here and look at you with my head on one side.
Me: OK then, but you can't come in.
Scramble2: why not?
Me: Because you projectile shit every 10 minutes, that's why.
Scramble2: Yeah, sorry about that. I've dropped a few on the patio as well, you'll have to hose it down later.
Me: (thoughtfully) Was this chicken thing a mistake?
Scramble2: How can you say that? I'll get a complex. I'll go into melt-down like Scramble1. I'm a sensitive being you know, with feelings and needs.
Me: Right you, out my kitchen!
Scramble2: oh look, a twig! (peck peck)


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