Sunday, September 24, 2006

Rainy Sunday

I love rainy Sundays in autumn.

It's the perfect excuse to wear your pyjamas all day, put the lamps on and bake in the warmth of the kitchen. Radio 4 is also obligatory for the day to be complete bliss.

This morning Nick has made a quiche with onion, goats cheese and roasted red peppers. yum. He is currently using up the rest of the pastry to make lemon curd tarts.

I have made a very elaborate and tricky recipe which I will relay here:

1) Take half a packet of marshmallows and half a packets of butter toffees.
2) Melt in a large pan
3) Add 2 teaspoons of cocoa powder
4) With the heat still on low, add lots of rice crispies and mix until coated.
5) Press into tin
6) Eat in large slices when cool.

Delia eat your heart out.

Even though it is pissing down, the hens are out in the garden eating anything they find. I suspect they are too thick/greedy to sit under the covered area we so painstakingly constructed for them.


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