Monday, October 09, 2006

Autumn is here

I like Autumn. I can get out my long boots and I don't have to shave my legs as much. For me the autumn is heralded by a few very distinct occasions.

1) The swapping of the summer duvet to the winter duvet. This is then followed by a few nights of indecision as to whether we are too hot, and dreams of being crushed under a heavy weight.

2) Turning on the heating. Again this decision cannot be taken lightly. It usually starts one chilly evening.
'I'll just pop the heating on for half an hour' I think to myself. 4 hours later I'm sitting in my pants with the windows open contemplating that global warming seems very bad this year. Then I remember about the heating, the fact that the thermostat in our house is bust, and fret about the size of our energy bill.

3) Family weekend. We have a family reunion every October. There are usually about 40 assorted relatives from around the world who descend on a hotel for the weekend, eat far too much and gossip about the good ole days.

This year we stayed in Bowness on Windemere in the lake district. On Saturday we went on a boat trip and then visited 'Lake Windemere's best fresh water aquarium for 10 years running'. We did ask them how many other fresh water aquariums there were situated around Lake Windemere, but were greeted with a frosty look, so we scuttled off the look at the otters. Admittedly it was quite a good aquarium, but there are only so many brown fresh water fish you can look at in a day and still feel a frisson of excitement.

The evening meal in the hotel was lovely, marred only by the radioactive-looking green ice cream that accompanied my delicious chocolate parfait. It was during this desert that cousin Patrick boasted proudly that he once went out with Miss Scunthorpe Evening telegraph.
'oooh' we all said, impressed.
'Nice one' said the blokes around the table, nodding with respect. Patrick continued eating his lemon tart.
'Oh hang in a minute, I've got that wrong,' he said sheepishly. 'She wasn't Miss Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph, she was Miss Scunthorpe Wet T-shirt.

Unfortunately my parents didn't come to Family Weekend this year. On Tuesday my Dad was rushed into hospital with a suspected heart attack. Obviously this was a real shock for us all because Dad is fit and healthy and not that old.

I went down to see him on Wednesday and he had had lots of tests to see why his heart was doing funny things. Turns out he has a virus which causes the lining of the heart to swell up, squeezing the heart and making it generally unhappy. While it's not good news, it's vastly preferable to having an actual heart attack, so relief all round. He is now back home, feeling right as rain, and enjoying his enforced absence from work.


Blogger Tracy said...

Sorry that you Dad's feeling under the weather - Hope he recovers swiftly.

I, like you, look forward to the autumn...have the same issues with the duvet and Central Heating - I always worry that the temperature fluctuations have to do with my age - then realise it's the thermostat - phew what a relief!!!

I like Autumn best when all the leaves turn red - all those beautiful colours. Your family sound fun...I have relatives who live in Scunthorpe (!), maybe one of them was Miss Wet T-shirt - I shall enquire about that and get back to you!!!

5:09 AM  
Blogger rach said...

Nowt wrong with Scunthorpe, thats where I am from!

2:30 PM  

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