Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Slight feeling of guilt

After readingChris's post about classical music and genius child composers I went on a little rant of my own in his comments box.

Anyway, having got my opinions off my chest I subsequently learnt that Chris was kindly driving into deepest Yorkshire to attend our choir concert which took place on Sunday. How bad did I feel?

Quite bad actually, and also very nervous. After all, I had just spouted on about all this wonderful contemporary classical music we sing, and now that he was actually going to hear it I was worried.

I frantically checked the programme. Was the music we were singing ok? Or would it reinforce his opinion that much of the classical music composed these days is a bit shit.

We went to the pub after the concert and he was very polite about it, and he also bought our CD, so he can't have hated it that much. Then again he did have me and Nick on one side and the conductor of the choir on his other, so making any derogatory comments would have been brave.

Now he is in the comfort and safety of his own home he may feel able to comment more freely. so... Chris?


Blogger Chris said...

I enjoyed it, I wasn't just being polite! In fact, as I sat there in the church I wondered why you haven't invited us mates to one of your choir gigs before. I'll definately go again, I really like the sound of choral music, especially in the acoustics of a church and your choir was really great. It was an interesting spread of music too.

4:19 PM  
Blogger rach said...

oh good I'm really glad!

I would love more friends to come to our concerts but the problem is that we do them all over the country and this is the first one for ages that has been in striking distance.

I'll let you know the venues for next year.

10:03 AM  

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