Monday, November 13, 2006

Help needed

How do I prevent the wires in my bras coming out in the washing machine? This has never happened to me before, despite my long and illustrious bra-wearing career, and on Saturday 3, yes I repeat 3 wires broke free from their shackles and caused havoc in my machine. (I hasten to add that the 3 wires were in different bras. I do not have 3 breasts requiring specially made bras containing 3 cups with associative under-wires)


Is it easy to open up the back of a washing machine and extract foreign bodies from between the drum and the spinney roundy mechanism?

Please feel free to answer the questions assigned to your opposite gender. I am not making any political statement about women being unable to fix a washing machine, or indeed boys wearing bras. This a free and egalitarian society.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Opening up a washing machine is easy, so it's worth a look I'd say. I've only ever fixed a relatively old machine and everything was accessible with varying amounts of ease. Whether that's the case with yours I don't know. But you might as well have a go.

2:38 PM  
Blogger Tracy said...

Get a little man in to fix your washing machine - that's what I say. And as for bras with wires - never needed them myself - never really needed a bra actually - I'm still wearing teenage training bras in size 32A!!!

9:28 AM  

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