Monday, November 27, 2006

Stu and Ruth's wedding

Luckily, Stu and Ruth's wedding went far more smoothly for us than Patrick and Hilary's. (If you remember, the airline lost our bags so we went to the wedding in our scruffy traveling clothes. Auntie Barbara was NOT impressed.)

No, Stu and Ruths wedding was a qualified success all round - lovely venue with a roaring fire, a beautiful bride, a moving ceremony, yummy food and great company.

We had a brilliant table for the reception, which included of a semi circle of 7 girls on one side, displaying a fabulous array of cleavage. Only my sister had a high necked top on. 'Oh Grace' my uncle Andrew said, mopping his brow and looking flustered. 'Thank goodness you are bring a little decorum to the proceedings'.

Naturally cousin Nicola out-did us all in the cleavage stakes - yes, even me. She decided she was going to make an unashamed play for the Best Man. I don't think it worked - probably worried he was going to suffocate in her bosoms.

The next day Nick and I drove into Newcastle to meet up with Ed, a friend of Nicks, for lunch. We went to this amazing pub and had the largest roast dinner ever. It was a true English pub with the best simple menu I've ever seen: a choice of a roast or a roast, followed by jam sponge or jam sponge. Brilliant.

After lunch we went for a quick walk around the castle which affords a great view of the city. It's staggering what the Victorians did to Newcastle. They slapped the railway right through the medieval walled castle complex, leaving just the Keep and gatehouse on either side of the lines. The Keep walls are less than 2 feet away from the railway. Bits of the fortified walls pop up here and there but it's mostly all gone now.

On the way home I discovered that the passenger seat in our car goes right back until it's perfectly horizontal, ensuring I had a lovely kip all the way back up the A1 to Scotland. I was not driving at the time.


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