Thursday, November 16, 2006

stupid stupid stupid.

I love the internet, I really do, but sometimes it is the must stupid infuriating invention ever.

Last night I bought Nick a Xmas present on ebay. I went to Pay pal to pay. I entered my card details. Paypal would not accept my card because the details were registered with another paypal account. I tried to close an old paypal account I didn't even realise I still had. Couldn't remember the password. I phoned paypal. They wouldn't do anything unless I knew the password. 'No problem, we'll email you the password.' I don't have that e-mail address anymore. 'No problem,' they said, 'we'll phone you on your registered number.' I have moved and don't have that phone number. 'No problem. we'll send you the password in the post.' BUT I HAVE MOVED!!!!

They were the only options to identify myself. I can't close that old account, so I can't use my card on my current account!

So - Nick bought his own present using his paypal account on the condition I paid him back using internet banking.

Tried to log on to the internet bank. Couldn't get in for ages then remembered that it was set up years ago in my previous surname. Managed to get in. Tried to pay Nick but a glitch somewhere kicked me back out. Tried to log in again USING THE EXACT SAME DETAILS and it wouldn't accept me. After the third attempt it locked me out permanently.

Nick was not helpful in the slightest saying 'well you should remember your passwords' and 'why have you got so many accounts anyway' and 'that's fraud protection: it's obviously working' and other such infuriating remarks.

By now (3 hours from buying the item on ebay) I was actually crying with frustration and anger at the whole stupid system.

At this point Nick confiscated the laptop and I went to bed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

a very sensible move Nick. Ebay, when it gets out of hand is very evil and I have to impost similar restrictions on Alex for the sake of his mental health.

3:33 PM  
Blogger Tracy said...

Oh dear...we had exactly the same when Dan inadvertently pressed the wrong option on whilst buying train tickets. Instead of having them posted she had to take a trip to Waterloo to get them from a fast ticket machine. She used my switch card, so had to take it and my pin no to London to collect the tickets - bah humbug. We phoned the "helpline" but surprisingly they couldn't help!!!!

10:32 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

Just to confirm: the internet was working perfectly. All of this is operator error.

10:58 PM  

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