Wednesday, January 17, 2007

first egg tasting

We couldn't resist the lure of boiled eggs with buttery soldiers. After 3 minutes in the pan we put the little gems into our egg cups. They disappeared into the bottom. We packed out the egg cups with kitchen roll, and ta daaaaa - our first eggs were ready to eat!

The yolks were the most fantastic colour - almost too yellow to be real. The yolks were enormous compared to the white and the flavour.......mmmmm. As Scramble is Nick's favourite hen he had the white egg and I had Omelet's blue offering.

This morning there was another blue egg in the nest and then at about 10.30 I have a message from Nick (working from home) that another white egg had appeared. He has started his spread sheet and linked this to a coloured coded graph. Boys love their charts don't they!

Admit it - your mouth is watering.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

it certainly is! rach, this is eleanor. i need a nice present idea that i can make for alex's parents when we go. oh creative one, any ideas?? ( the sachet thing is a nice one, but dimitri??)

8:28 PM  
Blogger Primrose Hill said...

I have to say, even from a non egg-eater they do look rather delicious! Wait until you bake a cake with them, or is cake baking way down the list of "how many different ways are there to eat our own free range eggs"!


8:36 PM  
Anonymous Jim Hollingworth said...

If I was Margo I'd be worried!

11:00 PM  

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