Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Cyber twin test results.

Primrose Hill is officially more like me than most other people. Not alot, I admit, but enough!

The results are as follows:
Claire: 6 matches
Tracey: 5 Matches
Tony: 6 matches
Chris: 9 matches

Primrose Hill: 9 matches, plus half for question 15

Therefore the average of the 4 'control' guinea pigs is 6.5, meaning Primrose Hill is more like me than they are. (Chris, our brief time of house sharing must have had an influence so I probably should discount you. You are obviously a man of taste. You are welcome to come over for Spaghetti hoops any time.)

Late result
Jane: 5 matches

Therefore new average = 6.2
Even later result
Liv: 8 Matches

Therefore new average = 6.5

Primrose Hill is still more like me than anyone else.

Here are my answers, just in case you were wondering:

spaghetti hoops
no marmite (bleugh)
Sting. REM, as everyone knows, are annoying and whiney.
Love actually. Man, I cried and cried.
Spice girls, but only because I can't abide that Ceris woman.
Autumn. Gotta love those crisp days.
Dick Francis. I love a good thriller novel.
Hoovering over washing up any day
Bananas. yum.
1994. I loved being 17. It was brill. 2000 was shit
2005. The year I was married. 1997 was also shit. I was ill.
Angel of the North - such a fabulous sight.
Rollercoasters. Being spun around makes me sick
Blondes. Preferably Jack Bauer lookalikes. :-)
Italy. Mainly due to the ice cream
Chinese. Mine's a chilli beef and fried rice.

Just so you don't think I am making this up about my work room, here a snap for comparison. The top photo is Primrose Hill's room. The bottom picture is mine. Points to note: Position of desk to window to shelves. Position of sewing machine. Position of PH's roll of material to my roll of paper. Position of boxs of fabric in right hand corner of images. I rest my case.


Blogger Primrose Hill said...

ooh, so what does this mean now then?

9:34 AM  
Blogger Angel Jem said...

Do-Do-Do-Do-... sorry, that's my attempt at the music from the Twilight zone (yes, I know, no-one else remembers the Twilight zone)Well, my Mum always used to say there's a double for everyone out there..... and with cyberspace making the world a smaller place, the chances of meetimg them have got to be better. Congratulations to you two!

10:14 AM  

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