Monday, March 19, 2007


Last night we went to the Usher Hall in Edinburgh to see E.S.T, the most incredible jazz trio comprising a piano, double bass and drums. We have seen them twice now and each time was a brilliant experience.

This morning I found myself wishing that I had practiced the piano more when I was younger, and coveting the musician’s talents. Isn’t it strange how we always wish we were good at something we aren’t. I feel wistful at my lack of piano playing skills and yet I forget that there are plenty of things I can do that the pianist probably can’t. For example can he lick the inside of his nostrils with his tongue? I doubt it very much.

It’s hard to remember that we all have our own special talents, and that something that comes naturally to one person would be a real struggle to someone else. Things that I can do without too much thought, like drawing, seem miraculous to other people, just like when I watch someone playing the piano I marvel at the way they get their fingers to cooperate and know I could never achieve that level of skill however much I tried. I feel the same way about people who can do mental arithmetic or who can run without looking like a duck, or possess any kind of sporting prowess for that matter. On the other hand they probably envy the fact that I listened in science lessons at school and could tell them all about osmosis. The grass is always greener.


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