Thursday, March 01, 2007

Interesting phenomenon 9

Why is it that all the mugs in the office are tea stained, and yet none of my mugs at home are stained in the slightest?


Blogger Twila Grace said...

I noticed that my tea mugs at home are stained, and I determined that it is because I do not have an automatic dishwasher in this tiny little house, which has absolutely no space in the kitchen for one. Back when I had a kitchen with a dishwasher, it somehow took out coffee and tea stains. I still don't understand what the difference is, but I've seen evidence of it. Could this be what's going on between the mugs at home and those at the office? I know that I always feel that those with stains are "dirty" when actually they are as clean as can be done. I use a spray with water and a small amount of bleach now and then to remove the stains at home now.

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