Monday, March 26, 2007

spring has arrived and I meet my cyber twin

It may still be on the chilly side but it feels like spring in my heart.

On Friday (my day off work) I had a marvellous day of the type you would imagine a sophisticated young lady such as myself indulging in gloriously sunny weather in Edinburgh.

I did my errands at the bank and then strolled up George Street for some window shopping. After a rest in a coffee shop I spent a while browsing in Waterstones, followed by a brisk walk around the beautiful streets of Edinburgh's New Town. Then I perused a couple of art galleries (The Scottish Gallery is an excellent contemporary art gallery on Hanover Street with cool jewellery and ceramics) and felt very cultured. Then I bought some quilt making supplies in john Lewis and went home for a nap on the sofa with the cat. Perfect.

On Saturday I went to the Country Living Spring fair with Claire. We got slightly lost in the car on the way to the Exhibition centre, but our collective brain power is so vast we soon navigated the horrendous Glasgow motorway system and found a free place to park.

The fair was the perfect way to spend a girly day of shopping punctuated by chocolate cake. We both bought some lovely things (totally frivolous naturally), my favourite being a pink and blue bird box, and a hand thrown mug from Primrose Hill. Claire bought a lime green and lilac bag with lady golfers on (nicer than it sounds) and a cashmere scarf.

The highlight of the day was meeting Lisa, my cyber twin, in the flesh for the first time. From the thronging customers around her stand it seemed she was having a very successful show, and rightly so. Her stuff was beautiful, and well displayed. I bought one of the mugs from her new collection of pottery.

(By the way Lisa, great action on the mug - a good big handle, and when you drink your lips sort of sink in where the little hearts are.)

Lisa is a really smiley lovely girl and although we don't actually look much like each other (she's slim, I'm plump, she has wavy hair, I have straight etc) I like to hope that I share her twinkly eyes and open face, and her love of creating beautiful things. Claire took a photo of me and Lisa but I look so horrendous I don't want to upload it.

On the way out of Glasgow we got semi-lost again - damn the bad signage, one way streets and hundreds of lanes flying off in every direction. It's not that we are girls. No. It's because the roads are so difficult.


Blogger Primrose Hill said...

Hi Rach,
Was sooo lovely to meet you on Saturday, it was such a mad day for us at the stall, I'd love to have had more time to chat. And yes, you do have a lovely smiley face and twinkle too - there was definitely a connection there - I'm glad you're a huggy person too or I'd have looked like a right muppet!!
Home from the show, enjoying an afternoon of glorious sunshine so a rather large walk will be required later on! Was feeling quite claustrophobic being in Glasgow for so long and not getting out into the fresh air!
Will be in touch soon,

L x

2:23 PM  
Blogger Primrose Hill said...

P.S. glad you like the mug, I've yet to use mine!
L x

2:24 PM  

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