Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Belated birthday present

I am admitting defeat.

I have been making a quilt for Jane’s 30th birthday present. I have been feverishly sewing but now I have to admit that there is no way I can finish it by Friday and still make a decent job of it.

Jobs left to do on Jane’s quilt:

1) Piece together backing.
2) Layer up and pin together.
3) Quilt. (One little word, one mammoth task)
4) Make and attach binding to edges.

Last night I was so tired, I sewed half the pieces for the backing together upside down and only realised when I was ironing it. The seams were each a metre long and it took about half an hour to unpick them all. That was the moment I decided to tell Jane she would have to wait for her present.

Sorry Jane. I only hope it’s worth waiting for. It’s a bit of a daring design.

I have read over and over in quilt books that it is a bad idea to make a quilt for someone as a present. This is because they rarely appreciate the hours that have gone into it, might not like your choice of design, fabrics and colours, and may end up using the quilt to line the dog basket.

I read some advice that said to only make quilts you love, and to keep them yourself. Then, when a friend shows an interest in a particular quilt, give it to them in a show of generosity.

This advice does make sense, and I follow the first bit. I would only ever make something I felt a burning desire to make. I could never have the motivation to finish a quilt using fabric I hated, just because someone had requested it of me. However, I really love to give away the things I make. It makes me happy. I have given most of my family members quilt’s, cards and other things I’ve made, and I think on the whole they appreciate and use them.

One year I was going through a chocolate making phase and made everyone truffles for Christmas. I made all the boxes too, with little cases and ribbons etc. Unfortunately I didn’t see Jane until way after Christmas, so her truffles sat for a while waiting to be consumed. In the mean time my family ate loads of the left over truffles that were also getting a bit old. We all threw up. I didn’t dare give Jane her truffles, but she found it quite funny I think, and was glad to avoid being ill.

If jane doesn’t like her quilt then at least I enjoyed making it (and I won’t give her food poisoning.) I’ll just chalk it up in my little black book under ‘friends who will never receive another gift from me until they atone for their sins by buying me cocktails’ Plus Jane doesn’t own a dog so can’t line the basket with it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fantastic post! Love it - made me laugh and I needed cheering up as my root canal fell out ce soir and I feel my credit card will be taking a hammering. Don't forget to show us the quilt when it's done!


7:42 PM  
Blogger marion said...

I'd just like to point out that when providing quilts for things like birthdays, it's *traditional* to be late. I do hope my son isn't hoping for Great Things for his wedding next year...sigh... so you are NOT alone

11:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Rach,
To be honest I feel quite honoured that you are making me a quilt as I know how labour intensive it is so I don't mind when you finish it, as long as it's before the next birthday!! I'm sure I'll love it as I love your designs. Looking forward to seeing you guys at the weekend. I hope this comment works as the last few seemed to get lost! I think its because I can't remember my blogger password so I'll make this one 'anonymous'. Jane xx

12:33 PM  
Blogger weirdbunny said...

I have a cross stich here that I'm doing on linen that I started four years ago as a present !

5:32 PM  

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