Sunday, April 15, 2007

Chicken News

Today we have carried out chicken surgery on our 3 hens.

Poor Omelet (pictured below) has got scaly leg mite. These horrible beasties get under the scales of chickens legs and it is very painful. She didn't look too bothered by the mites, and is still laying virtually everyday, but we have treated all 3 hens in case the other 2 get them as well.

The best source of information regarding care of chickens (in my opinion) is the Practical Poultry forum. You can find info on most ailments and problems, and I have had loads of advice from the helpful folk on the forum in the past. The general advice for the treatment of Scaly leg mite is the following:

Catch chicken. (More easily said than done)
Dunk each leg in surgical spirit to kill mites.
Smear leg with Vaseline to deter further mites and to moisturise.
Repeat once a week for 3 weeks.
The scales will take a year to grow back nice and smooth.

I must admit that I hope none of the neighbours saw us moisturising the legs of our chickens. We already have a reputation for being a bit bonkers. This behaviour may result in the men in white coats arriving!


Blogger Primrose Hill said...

hope it clears up after all your efforts and Omlelt is none the worse.
L x

12:31 PM  

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