Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I know that loads of you out there are brilliant and talented and make all sorts of beautiful things. I would love to swap some of the things I've made for something you have made.

So, does anyone fancy these?:

This is an A5 size notebook with lined pages. I made a quilted cover for it in this lovely retro style fabric.


I laboriously dipped these candles over and over until they formed the tapered shape. They have a really nice homespun traditional look about them. We burn them on the dining table because they don't have any fragrance that competes with the food.

If you fancy swapping then leave me a comment or e-mail ( telling me what you would like to swap in return and I'll pick the one I like best. Can't say fairer than that!

PS: Boys who don't do craft. - don't go offering me Star Wars action figures or other bits of shite. (unless of course you have lovingly hand-knitted the Action figure, or created the shite from delicately knotted macrame and hand woven fibres.)


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