Thursday, April 12, 2007

He just wants a paper!

Nick has been having an ongoing debate with our local spar shop for about 18 months. Here is a condensed version:

Nick: Hello, have you got a copy of the Guardian?
Spar: No we don’t stock them.
Nick: But you have every other major newspaper – why not the Guardian?
Spar: They don’t seem very popular. We just don’t seem to sell them.
Nick: Well if you don’t stock them then how will you sell any?
Spar: err….
Nick: Could you start stocking it please, I would buy one everyday
Spar: I’ll have to find out.

(This conversation occurred for about 4 months)

Nick: Could I reserve a copy of the Guardian by ordering it especially?
Spar: No we don’t do that.

Some time later, and after continuous pressure from Nick, the Spar started to stock 2 copies of the Guardian per day. Very soon after…

Nick: Hello, you usually have a Guardian but today you don’t seem to have any
Spar: No. we only get 2 a day and they always seem to sell really quickly.
Nick: That’s what I’ve been saying all along. It’s one of the countries leading newspapers!
Spar: But we only sell 2 copies, in comparison to the hundreds of Daily Records we sell. (gesturing to the huge pile of Records on the floor.)
Nick: But that’s because you stock lots of them!!!!!!! You can’t sell what you don’t have. There is obviously a market for the Guardian because you have to get in before 8.00 to get it!
Spar: Well... (looking dubious) I’ll have to ask.

(Versions of this conversation occurred for a further year)

Recently Nick never arrives early enough to get one of the copies of the Guardian. Then last week:

Nick: Look, you have always sold out of the Guardian. I don’t mind going to Tesco for it, but I would prefer to support my local shop. I don’t understand why, when newspapers are sale or return, why you can’t just get more in? There is no risk to you financially whatsoever! It’s the basic concept of supply and demand. There is a demand! PLEASE supply me!
Spar: (Blank look)
Nick: Oh forget it.


Blogger Tracy said...

My local Tesco express won't stock about 6 things that I regularly ask for. Makes my blood boil!!!

9:15 AM  
Blogger Nick said...

bet they stock the bloody guardian though.

12:31 PM  

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