Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Way past the cut off time...

This is what happened to my boss during the night. (I was not there by the way, just to make things clear.)

4.30am – phone rings

Boss: (groggy) Hello?
Policeman: Hello. It’s Police Constable McTavish here, from West Lothian Police. We have arrested one of your clients. He is in the cells and would like to speak to you.
Boss: One of my clients?
PC: Yes, I’ll just put him on.
Boss: hang on, which one of my clients? (thinks to himself – Why is an arrested man calling his Architect at 4.30 in the morning? what does he want? An extension to his cell? A nice pair of patio doors? A glazed garden room in which to entertain his fellow prisoners?)
PC: Er. You are Mr Smith, the Solicitor?
Boss: (Relieved) No.
PC: Oh. sorry. Wrong number.


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