Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Big Crafty Swaperoony

My my, 3 posts in one day? Obviously far too much time on my hands!

I couldn't let another day go by without saying a BIG thank you to Jenny for her wonderful crafty swap box. In return for my efforts I received the following:

This bowl had a beautiful duck egg blue crackly glaze on it, and the edges are really delicate and textured. Jenny also sent me this cute little oil burner, which has inspired me to dig out my essential oils.

Finally there was this funky little egg shaped pot. The glazes on this are gorgeous, a deep blue on the top and a rich red with flashes of white and black. Best of all, when I opened it I found that Jenny had filled it with cat treats for Maggie!

I'm loving our crafty swaps. I have received gifts that have brought me so much pleasure - far more than when I buy something in the shops. It's partly the surprise element - I never know what will be in the box, and partly it's because I know the time and effort that has gone into creating these beautiful things.

Jenny, you are a master potter! Thank you!

Tricia, your box is wrapped up and will be in the post tomorrow. Anyone else interested in a swap, please get in touch at info@rachelsimonsdesign.co.uk


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