Thursday, May 10, 2007

Chicken news

Poor hens! Yesterday the lid of the chicken's run blew shut while they were out rampaging in the garden. I didn't notice and went out to choir practice.

Usually the chickens put themselves to bed in their little house. At dusk the hens hadn't been able to get in, and had gone to roost wedged in between a thorny bush and the lid of the run.

When Nick got home he had to very quietly pick them up and put them to bed in the house. Apparently the hens were all out of sorts and looked very annoyed at having their beauty sleep disturbed.

Scaly leg update:

Margo and Scramble's legs looks back to normal now, with nice smooth scales. Omelet's legs on the other hand look worse, and she walks a bit stiff legged sometimes. We have given her legs another dunking in surgical spirit, and will continue to do this on a regular basis. Need to get more Vaseline too. I read that as well as moisturising the legs after their surgical spirit bath, the Vaseline serves to suffocate any remaining live mites. How lovely.

Apart from these two minor mishaps the hens seem really happy and are laying like billy-o. Our neighbour, Tony, looked after them while we were on holiday, and over the 10 days collected no less than 29 eggs!!! Well done girls!


Blogger Primrose Hill said...

Glad to hear your girls are all well, hope Omelets legs clear up soon.
I hate going away and leaving our chickens, I find it really difficult to trust someone to look after them properly.
Half of ours are broody at the moment and their laying is all to pot, 4 eggs yesterday out of a possible 12 chickens, just not on, I shall have to have a word!
Having the chicks makes up for it though!
BTW love the hair and make-up at the party!
L xxx

1:12 PM  

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